Since our “trusted” elected officials have sold us down the river, I have become sad.  When I get sad I watch this…………………..


I am adding a new organization to my list. I haven’t visited their website in a while, but yesterday’s legal plunder by Congress reminded me of them.

I would encourage everyone to stop by their site and look at some of the campaigns that they are sponsoring.

The reason that I thought of them is the “Read the Bills Act.” I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that most of our elected officials didn’t read the 1,800+ page stimulus bill that they are cramming down our throats. I have a feeling that when some of the details of the bill come out, and people find out where their money is going, they will be pissed. Alas, a perfect opportunity to spread the word that most of our legislation isn’t written by our congressmen, but by lobbyist. Most of them don’t even read the legislation that they vote on. Frankly, I find this to be disgusting.

The Downsize D.C. campaigns that I identify with include:

“End the Fed” campaign. Why are we paying interest to a private company to print our money?

“Federal Deficit causes Congressional pay cut.” Simple enough, if we have a deficit Congress takes a pay cut.

“Repeal the Real ID Act” Real ID isn’t secure, it isn’t necessary, and frankly it’s not the feds damn business.

“End Asset Forfeiture” The fourth amendment says that “No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” Just obey the laws you swore to uphold.

These are just a few of the campaigns that they are sponsoring. If these ones don’t float your boat, go there anyway. I’m sure you’ll find something that is important to you. The link to their campaign page is below, or you can find them in my organizations links.

Do I think that signing these campaigns will do much good?  Probably not. But it never hurts to put them on notice that more and more people are starting to get downright upset.


obamapimplargeWell, our Congress critters decided to put us on the hook for another trillion dollars.

Did you call your Congressmen and tell them not to pass a stimulus? Yea, me too.

Did you write them letters and send e-mails when the last bailout got passed? Yea, me too.

Are you starting to think that our leaders aren’t listening, and could care less about us or our children’s future? Yea……………Me too.

I am reminded of a question that Dennis Kucinich asked of Neel Kashkari in November. “no one questions that you are working hard. our question is who are you working for?”

Wouldn’t you love to ask that question to your representative? Or even better, get an honest answer.

i am a lover of talk radio, but i think that i would rather be violently gang raped by ebola monkeys than listen to billings talk radio. so for those of you that are intrigued by the idea of freedom and liberty in your life time, and enjoy talk radio here are a few suggestions.

Free Talk Live


and for those of you conspiracy minded liberty lovers, i would encourage listening to some of this patriot programming:

animal farm radio show is absolutely hilarious and Jack Blood’s commentaries on the modern political system are ruthless and biting. Jack hosts deadline live.

from what i understand freedom underground is the brain child of Danny Romero. those of you that are familiar with the Ron Paul revolution probably recognize the name. they are a brand new station and are still working the bugs out. fu radio is not under the thumb of the FCC so be warned colorful language sometimes slips out.

LIBERTY ROUNDTABLE (sorry i coundn’t find a banner)

Sam and Curt are what i imagine conservative radio should sound like. “Promoting God, family, and country in the tradition of our Founding Fathers using the supreme law of the land, even the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.”

they can be found at www.libertyroundtable.com. they are currently broadcasting on two separate networks.

www.accentradionetwork is one and the other is www.republicbroadcasting.org

am i the only person in town that would prefer listening to podcasts, than the usual, “my group good, the other group bad” pablum?

while the production value isn’t quite what el lushbo or sean vanity might have, they will challenge your ideas.

if you would like more links i can provide them.

please let me know what you listen to.

i wouldn’t usually just post someone else’s article, but Dale Everett has hit it  right on the head.

The Slave Test

Are you a slave? Recently I wrote about how governments manufacture and evoke powerful symbols to essentially brainwash us and keep us obedient. I used an analogy of similar tactics in the past to efficiently maintain the obedience of household slaves. I have a friend who claims my language is far too strong. He says I overuse words like “violence” and “slave” to artificially infuse my arguments with emotion when I’m talking about governments. I can’t really recall his exact argument but I think it amounted to “Nuh uh!”. But I thought of a way that he, and others who agree with his assertion could prove me wrong. They can take the slave test!

The slave test is very simple and fair. In fact, it places the burden of proof on me. After all, I acknowledge that I’m making some pretty strong claims. Are my uses of emotionally charged words like “violence” and “slave” actually accurate in the manner in which I use them while describing the nature of governments?

So let’s consider what it really means to be a slave. A slave is someone who must obey the orders of his or her master(s) under the threat of violent punishment. So we can actually address both of my oft-used words in one experiment. Also, I acknowledge that slavery requires such abuse on an institutionalized level. If a man threatens you with violence if you don’t hand over your wallet, I would immediately concede the term “slave” is inappropriate. You’re just a victim of an isolated violent crime. To achieve the status of slave, you’d need to continually be under the threat of violence to produce for and obey your masters.

An important part of the slave test is to avoid engaging in any aggressive behavior that might actually justify violent intervention. If you attack someone, people are likely to intervene on behalf of the victim and might even make some sort of demand like “Stop attacking that helpless elderly woman!” and they might even back the demand up with a threat of violence. I wouldn’t consider such an example as evidence that you’re a slave. So for the test to be accurate, you must avoid any such acts of aggression.

Bearing that in mind, the slave test is incredibly simple. Just act like a free person. Go about your own business doing as you please violating no one, and politely decline to obey any orders. For instance, if someone claims you must produce for them on a regular basis, decline their demands. If you get a regular bill in the mail for anything you didn’t explicitly request, send it back with a polite statement that you choose not to pay. If, while driving safely without causing any accidents or harm, you get a blue light signal requesting that you pull over, give a polite wave and continue about your business. If after not paying one of those regular bills, you receive a printed order to show up at a certain location at a certain time, politely decline. If a man orders you to get in the back of his locked car, assert your freedom and politely decline. If you are able to peacefully go about your personal activities and politely decline to obey all orders, and if you are not subjected to violence for disobeying, then you have passed the slave test! Congratulations! You’re a free person.

Stay tuned! Next time, in case anyone happens to fail the slave test, we’ll talk about how to calculate what percentage a slave you are. Here’s a hint– You won’t need your calculator


many believe the second american revolution is already underway, and that it is an ideological battle. so if our war is a psychological one, then our weapons are images, words , and ideas. any strategist will tell you that the weapons you have at your disposal can spell victory or defeat.

words like assault rifle, partial birth abortion, patriot act, police brutality, etc. can evoke strong emotions and will often guide the direction a conversation goes.

i was listening to a pod cast the other day and an anarchist was talking about changing his label from anarchist to abolitionist. his reasoning was that the word “anarchy” is associated with chaos and violence, while the word “abolitionist” evokes ideas of freedom and equality. it is also sure to get people thinking when they ask you your politics and you respond “i am an abolitionist”.

well i gotta get, i am busy cooking up some sea kittens.

and no, i am not an anarchist.