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Apparently, the idea of gay marriage is radical. Some people believe that it is an important enough issue that the government should use it’s guns to resolve it. The conservatives think that it is an issue that will destroy our country. The liberals think that it is the equivalent of civil rights.

On the surface, this seems like an insurmountable obstacle. But, I have a radical idea. Let’s get the guns of government out of the issue. Not just the “gay” marriage issue, but the whole marriage issue altogether.

Essentially, from the point of view of the government, a marriage is a contract. Well, not all contracts need to be approved of by the government. If your son decides he will mow the neighbors yard once a week for a salary of $15. The government need not get involved, unless there is a dispute with the contract. If we look at a marriage contract in the same way, then it really is not the government’s business.

The government should not be giving married people advantages over single people, or people that wish to co-habitate.I don’t know what the history of the government recognizing a marriage contract is, but I am reasonably sure that there was money involved.

If persons’ want to enter into a contract to live their lives together, and share their wealth and tribulations. That seems to be a bond entered into that far transcends a government permission slip.

If a religious person wants a marriage because it is a sacred institution, then all the better if the government doesn’t get involved. Since most governments are corrupt and persecute believers.

Most gays and lesbians are happy enough to be given the same rights as everyone else.

If we took the aggression of government out of the equation, then we could focus on solutions. We could do our best to be fair to two different groups that deep down just want to be left alone.


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geography class just got easier


well it looks like montana has joined the list of states that have taken legislative actions to declare sovereignty from the feds. other states threatening legistlation are arizona, michigan, missouri, oklahoma, and new hampshire.

it appears that most of them are citing violations of the second, ninth, and tenth amendment. missouri wants to split because of abortion laws.

i have also heard that georgia and california are also proposing legislation but was unable to find current bills.

the bill being proposed in montana can be found at http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2009/billhtml/HB0246.htm

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